Our District Kadikoy

Kadikoy is on the Anatolian part of Istanbul. District of Maltepe is on its east, Uskudar is on its nort, Sea of Marmara on its west and south. It is 34 km2. It has 28 neighborhoods. Its population, according to 2000 counts, is 6661,953.

Surface of Kadikoy district spread from the skirts of Kayisdagi and Marmara to Marmara shores as prairies with few waves. Haydarpasa and Kalamis bays, Inci cape, Moda and Fenerbahce capes on its shores are main indents and capes. Kadikoy’s history is older than Istanbul. Relics found in Fikirtepe expositions showed people lived here during 3000 B.C.

Migrants from Megara settled in Kadikoy at 685 B.C. They were considered blind for not seeing such a beautiful place as Sarayburni and the place they lived (Khalkedon), was used in the meaning of country of blinds. Kadikoy faced many attacks, changed many possessor until it was taken over by the Ottomans in 1330. When Battalgazi settled in Kadikoy, it named it "Gaziköy". Sejukians called it “Meteris” since professors were living there. Ottomans use the title of Kadi Mehmet Efendi, who built the Osman Aga Mosque here, as its name and called it Kadikoy. Although there are work places, offices in Kadikoy, it is mostly a residential area. Old houses, mansions, kiosks with gardens have been torn down and building sites, apartments rose high in their places.

Osmanaga Mosque, Iskele Mosque, Sogutlucesme Mosque are its famous mosques. Also, there are mosques built during the Ottoman period in Hasanpasa, Kiziltoprak, Goztepe, Erenkoy, Suadiy and Bostanci. The bull statue at the current six roads was given as a gift by II Vilhelm in 1917.

In our district, we see natural beauty, clean air, solidarity between its people among young and old in human relations. Seeing people interact happily with a nostalgic approach with horse buggies, trams at movie theaters, promenades reminds the person Master Munir Nurettin Selcuk’s song “I came to get some sweet peace to Kalamis”. Our district has retained its beauty today by having the promenades our people enjoy the most at Kadikoy port surrounding, Moda Bay, its shore line along Bahariye Road, Kalamis, Fenerbahce, Goztepe, Caddebostan, Suadiye and Bostanci, and Bagdat Road with its stores, cafes, restaurants. Here, days and night are beautiful in their own way. We’re so fortunate to be living in Kadikoy.

Let’s protect, keep alive and love our Kadikoy’s natural beauty. We say, Kadıkoy, pages wont’ suffice to talk about you.